How To Reduce Recoil Gunkick By 95% In Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare And Make The KBar-32 A Laser!

Today, a game changer for recoil control in Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare has been found by a well known In-depth YouTuber called Driftor

He revealed that having the optical attachment called VMC Sight on your gun will reduce your gunkick recoil by 95% however when you are using the sight, you must be aiming down sight and must be zoomed in (by holding triangle or Y on Xbox) in order for this to take place.

Here are some of the guns Recoil comparison without the VMC Sight and with the VMC Sight in Infinite Warfare.

Kbar-32 Recoil without any attachments
Kbar-32 Recoil with the VMC Sight on Zoomed in
The FHR-30 recoil without any attachments
FHR-30 recoil with the VMC Sight on zoomed in

As from the pictures above, you can see the difference however we recommend watching his video for more in depth details.

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Source: Driftor

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