List Of Clan Tags That Can Only Be Used By The Developers In Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare (MLG is banned)!

On Reddit, a user called VoiD_Glitch has released datamine for Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare, it includes lot’s of good information, however on this article we are focusing on Clan Tags that can only be used by the Developers of Call Of Duty.

The clan tags below cannot be used by players but is restricted to the developers, this means that when you see a player with a clan tag that is listed below, it’s either a developer or a player who found a way around the restriction. 

Here are the clan tags that can only be used by the developers of Infinite Warfare or feature Call Of Duty titles:

  • IW
  • 1W
  • LW
  • RVN
  • RAVN
  • SHG
  • DW
  • OW
  • HMS
  • BNOX
  • 3ARC
  • VV
  • MLG
  • TFB

Full credit to VoiD_Glitch for finding these and stay tuned for more Intel.

Source : VoiD_Glitch

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