Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare : Rave In The RedWoods Official Trailer And Intro Video!

The Developers at Infinity Ward have been teasing Infinite Warfare’s Zombies In Spaceland’s new DLC one map called Rave In The RedWoods all week.

However, today they have released the official trailer for Rave In The RedWoods:

Rave In The RedWoods will be played as Kevin Smith (Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy), who will be joining the fray to portray himself and lend you a hand.

Smith will lend both his likeness and voice to Rave in the Redwoods, Willard Wyler’s 1990s horror classic about an abandoned lakeside summer camp taken over by zombies in the midst of a techno-rave. That’s where he’ll interact with the returning cast of characters in all new roles: “the Hip Hop Wannabe,” “the Kandi Raver,” “the Grunge Rocker,” and “the Westside Gangsta.”

You can watch the introduction video for Rave In The RedWoods below:

In addition, Infinity Ward has livestreamed the trailer and Intel about Rave In The RedWoods, You can watch the stream here.

Source: Activision

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