New Mission Team, New Prestige Levels + New Scorestreak Features & More Coming To Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare

During a community update on Reddit, Infinity Ward has announced that new content is coming to Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare.

Here is what Infinity Ward has said:

  • By the end of the month, Infinity Ward is adding 360-degree rig rotation to all rig models in our menus so you can see what your rig customization looks like from all angles. 
  • Alongside this, Infinite Warfare will have an update to the Winner’s Circle in which your rigs will be carrying the last weapon you used in a match, your personal vanity weapon so to speak, for all your taunting impulses.
  • Infinity Ward is also going to be adding in new content on a regular basis to keep gameplay fresh. Be sure to visit the Quartermaster regularly to see what new items are.
  • Infinity Ward has announced that they need to extend the final testing for emblem editors by a few weeks, so they are now aiming to release the emblem editor by mid-March.
  • In addition, Infinity Ward has announced that a new mission team, with its own equipment and gear to chase is coming to Infinite Warfare soon. 
  • Infinity Ward is also increasing the prestige levels to grant a fresh challenge for most skilled players. 
  • They also announced that some new features for scorestreaks is coming to Infinite Warfare.

Source: Infinity Ward

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